(In)Active users


As you can see on the dashboard there are 10 active users and 0 inactive users. If you click on ‘my team’ you can manage your team. 

Manage your team

All the names that appear in the list are active users.

They can be (in)active on:

1) the Portal Level (per hiring client) or

2) (in)active on the Company Level


1)    Inactivate on the Portal Level:

This user has no role anymore for this specific hiring client. For example: He will not receive notifications from this portal anymore. He stays active for another hiring client.

Select the user and click on the wheel. You have the option to set him ‘inactive’.

You need to submit your choice in the popup screen that appears now.



2)    Inactive status on Company Level:

The user doesn’t work for your company anymore. If you renew your plan. This user will not use credits anymore from your Plan.

If you put a ‘v’ before the name of the user (1), you can change his status below.

Select inactive status (2), confirm it (3) and press Ok (4)

3)    Re-activate user

Both ways of inactivating users, you can revert by doing the same actions.

If you click on the button ‘include inactive users’ then you can reactivate him again.


Also on the portal level you can reactivate the person on the same way.

Link (in)active users and credits.

A credit is assigned to a user for one year. If a user has consumed a credit, you can’t use this credit for another user anymore.