Managing your team - roles

Dashboard of the hiring client

This user is manager or admin for the hiring client and wants to manage his team. On the dashboard you can see that there are 90 active users and 2 inactive users. Click on 'my team'

My Team

I get an overview off the complete team.

I have a textbox in which I can start typing a name and I get a selection based upon my criteria.

3 different roles

Users have different roles.

Besides the role that a user has on company level, there is also a role on portal level.

There is a difference between the role in your company and the role on portal level. The role in your company defines what you can do within your company;
You can be Admin, Manager or Team Member.

  • Admin: manage a team, add users, put users inactive status, buy credits
  • Manager: manage a team, add users, put users inactive status
  • Team member: you can not manage a team

Contractors can have multiple portals

As a hiring client you have only access to one portal. 

As a contractor you could have access to multiple portals. In this case the names of the portals will be mentioned next to the other under 'my team'.

Change the role of a user

The role on portal level defines what you can do in that specific portal as a contractor. 

E.g. A team member will be able to follow courses but will not have the dashboard in full option.

To change the role of a user, click on the wheel and adjust the role (1) . Then confirm the pop-up.

Do more? click on the wheel and him Set inactive (2) or see his training overview (3) .