BOR. Manage your team

Add employees to your team

To add a team member, please proceed as follows:

Link teammember to portal

Immediately after adding your teammember to your team, a pop-up will appear

Complete following information about the team member / manager:

Complete PQ

After completing the PQ, the PQ status will be changed to 'uploaded', as you can see on the PQ page and under 'my team'.

Change the PQ level

Send credentials

First time

Reset password from teammember

Send message to teammember

Add users to the portal at a later time

You can also add the role later by clicking the wheel

Complete PQ at a later time

Inactivate teammembers

You can inactivate a user on 2 levels:

  • portal level: this user is no longer active on the clients' portal
  • company level: this user is no longer active in your company

Inactive on portal level

Inactive on company level

Option 1 : using the wheel 

Option 2 : Using menu below


Show users that are inactive on company level