Team member: Complete training


If you are a team member from a contractor company, please use Onyx One to complete your trainings. Module 1 is the theoretical part of your safety training. 

In case it is the 1st time you log in: use the username and password from the e-mail you received after the admin/manager from your company added you to his/her team.

Please confirm you agree with the terms of service from Onyx One.


When you are logged in, you will find the modules that are available to you on your dashboard.

If these modules have not been started or if they are incomplete, you can complete them by clicking the 'start module' button.


  • if it is not the first time you log in, please keep in mind that you might have changed your password since your first log in. If you don't remember your password, please ask your admin/manager to request a new password for you.
  • After you have completed module 1 (the theoretical module) of the training, you will need to take module 2 (the final test) on your start day at the hiring client. After this, you will get your access badge.